About Us


Amerigen Industrial Services Corporation (AIS) is a Filipino/American premier provider of a wide array of construction, engineering, and industrial services for Project Developers, General Contractors, Property Managers, and Property Owners. The company was conceived and founded in 2015.

What Makes Us Different:

The company culture combines the best of Filipino and American business values. The Filipino values of dedication, family focus, hard work, loyalty, and a strong sense of pride are combined with the American expertise in business planning, strategy development, and execution. Consequently, this culture makes the company unique in the industry and drives competitive advantage.

Value Proposition:

AIS operates with tremendous organizational flexibility. This flexibility enables the company to pay close attention to details, offer more diverse ideas for solving problems, and customize solutions for all of its customers. Accordingly, AIS enables its customers to reduce costs while still enjoying superior services. The diversity of the company ownership team combines the best qualities of American and Philippine business practices to ensure the company is consistently driving value for its customer base.


For all services provided by the company, either AIS company employees or strategic partners are the service providers. Consequently, customer experience consistent and high quality services. AIS earns business primarily by providing electrical, mechanical, plumbing, construction, and fire protection services. However, the company is also able to offer other services as requested by its customers. Some of the other services provided are, but not limited to, design and engineering, janitorial , and building security.

Initial operations of the company will be in metropolitan Manila. However, it is anticipated that the company will expand to others area of the country whenever AIS can establish adequate scale to justify any such expansion